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At NOENAEL, we believe that each and every one of us can change the world a little for the better, making it a better place overall if we only pay a little more attention to where and what we buy.
We therefore consciously work sustainably and above all with materials that will continue to meet the necessary ecological requirements in the future. For example, we only use yarns and fabrics that not only correspond to a high level of sun protection, but above all are made from recycled raw materials. This way we can offer you products that are already making the world a little better.

We are already pursuing this ecological approach consistently from the development of our products to their manufacture and finally sales. Because sustainability is not in the details. Nor is it in the future, it starts now.
For us at NOENAEL, sustainability is therefore not just a trend, it shows how we can better shape our here and now, but above all our future. Even small steps make a big difference overall.