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NOENAEL is the label from Hamburg for sustainable children’s swimwear and activewear. It stands for the responsible use of nature and the environment, but also for the adequate protection against the sun’s rays.

The founder of the label and the company of the same name is Lina. She has been professionally familiar with environmental issues and sustainability for many years, which is why ecology is particularly important to her. With the birth of their children, in addition to these ecological questions, there was also a desire to protect young children’s skin responsibly from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
It was therefore particularly important to the founder to carefully combine these two approaches in swimwear and activewear for children, without losing sight of the need for a certain chic.

After a very complex and intensive review and examination of the suitable yarns and fabrics, colors and prints, but also the cuts and patterns, a collection was created that does not follow short-lived trends, but is particularly striking due to its valuable, classic style and timeless design.

So captivating the lovely and natural of all children, the NOENAEL collection is characterized above all by delicate colors and timeless prints. NOENAEL therefore produces classic and timeless swimwear and activewear for children aged 1-8, which can also be passed on to their little sister or little brother. Or you can simply pick them up to give them to the grown-up children later, as a nice reminder of your childhood.

Protects children’s skin and children’s future